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What is a shrugapillar

A shrugapillar is a creature that is meant to be used in a scenario in which one believes a matter will eventually escalate to a problem but that the issue will still not be their problem. Though one has not shrugged off the potential of the issue yet, it is known that the matter will cocoon and be reborn as a full blow problem that they will still not care about.

Why don't the body parts align when I paste in X

Several reasons:

We've done our best to make variations that work in a number of places, but ultimately:

ᕙ  ᕗ
¯\_(    )_/¯
¯\_(    )_/¯
¯\_(    )_/¯

jk. If you want to help out, feel free to fork this project on github and open a PR.

For the devs

If you want to spice up your own projects with some shrugapillars, then it's your lucky day. Check out the readme on github for more details.

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